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Remote Monitoring

Cam-Tec Systems utilise cutting-edge technology to provide clients with ground-breaking remote monitoring capabilities. We can enable you to select a central point from which your organisation can engage in the remote monitoring of all its sites.

This service will give you the ability to remotely connect your sites remotely and view images from the CCTV systems in place. Two-way audio communication can be facilitated through our remote monitoring service. Additionally, it is also possible to operate lighting and access control systems.

Remote monitoring can save you from expending unnecessary resources visiting sites that could be managed through this service. This service can act as the perfect complement to a bespoke integrated security solution, thereby addressing any concerns.

At Cam-Tec Systems, we advance our infrastructure and software systems regularly to meet the challenges presented by the present world. We are constantly checking to make sure that we have the exact equipment necessary to provide this service.

Further information on the intricacies of this service can be obtained from a member of our team today. Reach us by using the contact form provided or else via telephone on 01325 319998.

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