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When Cam-Tec Systems began, we initially specialised in the installation of advanced CCTV systems. Since then we have expanded into integrated security systems, achieving great success along the way. Although we have expanded our scope, a significant focus remains on being experts in CCTV security systems.

We give you a fantastic range of choices of CCTV systems, with the following main categories presented:

  • Digital IP CCTV
  • Vehicular CCTV
  • Intelligent Video Analytic CCTV

CCTV systems are a necessary inclusion for integrated security systems, as they benefit the operation of individual electronic security systems. For instance, CCTV systems can aid both perimeter detection systems and intruder alarm systems. Additionally, technology now enables CCTV systems to play a key role in facilitating real-time remote monitoring.

The idea is that cameras are used to conduct remote monitoring of unmanned or sparsely populated sites for various purposes. The CCTV camera systems can enable decision makers to alter settings and commands for functions conducted at a particular site.

CCTV Systems have advanced beyond being merely used for security and are now incorporated into high-level integrated security systems. Cam-Tec Systems can consult with you to discuss the precise needs of your organisation. Get in touch using the form provided or else telephone us on 01325 319998.
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