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Frontier Agriculture Ltd

The Company

Frontier Agriculture Ltd is the leading crop production and grain marketing organisation in the UK. After forming in 2005, the business has rapidly grown – it now turns over approximately £1.5 billion per annum and has 46 sites in the UK. The teams on site work to supply hazardous spraying fertilisers and treatments, meaning it’s essential that all safety precautions are followed meticulously.

The Requirements

One of the main reasons that Frontier Agriculture Ltd required our security services was to monitor the compliance of their strict safety regulations. This was in addition to general security through CCTV systems and Access Control. All this was envisioned to contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment, and we had the ideal solutions to support that.

The Process

We started work with Frontier Agriculture Ltd in 2007, supplying the CCTV security solutions they needed to achieve their goal of closely monitoring safety precautions. We also provided Access Control that is both effective and easy for their team to manage.

The Impact

In this kind of industry, safety is always a number one priority. Our systems have helped bring safety to the forefront, ensuring the staff are always safe and the production line is uninterrupted.

Another arm of the Frontier Agriculture Ltd business holds grain that has been cut and delivered by farmers, and we’ve since installed CCTV there to ensure the safe running of the process. Those with access to the CCTV footage can easily monitor all drop-off processes, as well as having the security to know if anyone attempts a break-in.