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R.T. Keedwell Group

The Company

R.T. Keedwell Group is a national provider of transport, haulage, storage and distribution services. It was established in 1969 and has since grown into one of the country’s most trusted haulage providers. There are currently more than 10 depots in various locations across the UK, and the company is proud to use leading technology and powerful vehicles to ensure the most efficient solutions.

The Requirements

The team at R.T. Keedwell Group have been customers of ours since 2010, having enquired with us about ways to ensure the strictest access to their sites. They wanted Access Control that could be manned from off site, easing the process of monitoring each of the depots. As with any company of this size, taking the correct security precautions is essential.

The Process

In order to meet the needs of the team at R.T. Keedwell Group, we fitted Access Control, Intercom and CCTV systems on their various sites. We made sure there was an option to easily monitor all systems at any time of day, and that any access to the sites was strictly filtered.

The Impact

Not only have the sites been more heavily monitored since we installed our Access Control, Intercom and CCTV systems, but a more secure and safe environment has been maintained for all who work there.

Further to this, the systems we installed have had a positive impact on the tracking of job times and loads, contributing to a more positive experience for R.T. Keedwell Group customers. As a company that prides itself on precision and great customer service, this aspect is vital.