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Cam-Tec Systems possess an impressive selection of electronic security systems that can function individually or as part of wider integrated security systems. Browse through the information on our electronic security systems and you will see that we can cover all your needs.

We can help your organisation with process control and health and safety, through providing CCTV and access control systems. This is where Cam-Tec Systems can assist with integrated security management, and we have years of experience working in a diverse selection of industries.


We specialise in the installation and maintenance of high-tech CCTV systems, including analogue, digital IP and vehicular.

Networking Fibre Optics

Data transfer represents a key requirement in our provision of highly functional integrated security solutions.

Access Control

Electronic Access Control systems are a great benefit to the public and private sectors. As well as small and large businesses.

Car Parking Systems

We can assist with all aspects of integrated security, even enabling our clients to control vehicular access to the car parks at their premises.

Perimeter Detection

A key element within electronic security is the inclusion of perimeter detection systems.

Public Address Systems

Some clients require integrated building systems that can facilitate excellent communication throughout the premises.

Fire Systems

Fire systems are of paramount importance within organisations because they help to address health and safety concerns.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Cam-Tec Systems offer intruder alarm systems to detect precisely when an unauthorised person enters your building.

Further information is contained with each product section or can be gained through contacting us using the form provided or by telephone on 01325 319998.