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The Company

BASF is a multi-national company creating chemistry-based products for a range of customers. It is immensely successful, employing around 115,000 team members and providing products in almost every country in the world. The products they supply vary from plastics, chemicals and crop protection products to oil and gas.  Understandably, a company of this magnitude requires only the highest level of security measures.

The Requirements

It was back in 2005 when our working relationship with BASF began. They needed to upgrade the CCTV system they had at the time, as it was not up to the high standards of the rest of their business. The team were looking for a brand new system, complete with new cameras where necessary, to make their sites as secure as possible. With extensive experience in this area, we were the perfect team for the job.

The Process

Our team started work on two of BASF’s sites, providing them first with CCTV installation – our core service. We fitted a system using the latest technology in security cameras, ensuring their premises can be monitored at all times. Further to this, we installed an Intercom system and have since supplied BASF with ongoing maintenance services.

The Impact

The efficiency of the sites’ security since the installation of our systems has improved dramatically. It was always vital to have a reliable and high quality system in place, especially considering the company is working with complex chemical equipment.

The sites our CCTV covers are around two square miles in size, so having security that can deliver a clear visual of the full sites and, most importantly, their access points, is greatly valuable to the team. Due to the size of the sites, it would be impossible to man them without reliable CCTV systems.