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Access Control

Electronic access control systems are of great benefit to the public and private sectors, as well as small and large businesses. The rationale behind this is relatively simple: you have to control who can gain access to your premises. That is why access control systems have become a major inclusion priority for integrated security systems.

Organisations can control who enters their premises and what they have access to when inside, allowing for multiple levels of priority for staff in different roles. Cam-Tec Systems can work with you to develop a complete plan for installation of electronic access control systems.

We will discuss all relevant factors involved and provide you with a system that fits the specifications of your premises and permits access to the right personnel. Cam-Tec Systems have a range of access control systems that includes the following product categories:

  • Automated gates
  • Barriers
  • Intercoms
  • People tracking
  • Rising bollards
  • Turnstiles
Cam-Tec Systems can sell electronic access control to work individually or to form part of integrated security systems. Discuss your exact requirements and consult with a highly trained member of our team. All you need to do is fill out the contact form provided or telephone us on 01325 319998.

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