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SCA Hygiene Products Tissue Ltd

The Company

SCA Hygiene Products Tissue Ltd is a remarkable company with a passion for sustainability and renewable products. Their aim is to help manage the world’s forests in a green way that will allow them to maintain their biological diversity. They offer a range of eco-friendly products to their customers, and with more than 52,000 employees in 60 different countries, they’re a leader in their field.

The Requirements

This company approached our team back in 2007 primarily because they needed a way to monitor their production line. It’s vital that everything runs smoothly in a business like this – there’s plenty of equipment in use at any given time and the smallest mishap can have a knock-on effect. Essentially, they wanted to be able to identify any issues, such as jams or sticks in their machinery, as soon as possible. Our team could provide a solution that’s simple yet effective.

The Process

We provided high quality CCTV installation, Fibre Optics and Access Control to ensure complete security and give them a clear view of the premises. The CCTV system provides a strong visual of the whole site, and we carry out regular maintenance to ensure it’s always running seamlessly.

The Impact

As requested, the team at SCA Hygiene Products Tissue Ltd now have a fully-functioning CCTV system that allows them to see their whole production line at any time of the day. In turn, if there are any kinds of malfunctions in the process, they can be identified and rectified much sooner, owing to a more smooth running flow of production.